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Sustainability is an important topic that guides the manufacturing and design strategies of many different businesses. Today, companies are using innovative strategies to turn their recycling or commercial waste into brand new products and designs. When you rent recycling bins in Atlanta, you may want to ask your waste management company about some of the latest trends in sustainability. Setting up a recycling program is one great way to improve the sustainability of your company. Read on to take a closer look at some of today’s most interesting innovations in sustainability.


The inventors of QMilk have created an extraordinary method for recycling and repurposing spoiled milk. QMilk relies on innovative processing methods to turn rotten milk into a textile that resembles cotton. During the QMilk recycling process, spoiled milk is sanitized and strung into biodegradable fibers. QMilk can be used for many different purposes, including clothing, furniture upholstery, and linens for the home.


Geckos and other lizards possess the amazing ability to walk along vertical walls. The team behind Geckskin used the footpads of lizards as inspiration for a new type of adhesive. Products that contain Geckskin can be securely adhered to solid surfaces. When the Geckskin is removed, it leaves no damage or residue behind.


For many years, researchers have been looking for sustainable alternatives to conventional leather. With the introduction of Barktex, the leather industry has been completely revolutionized. Barktex uses recycled tree bark in order to create a material that is remarkably similar to leather. The creators of Barktex also ensured that their material was created using environmentally friendly manufacturing methods.


Ambercycle is a brand new method for recycling plastics. This recycling technique uses special enzymes to completely break up and ferment plastic items. Once plastic has been fermented, it can be used for a variety of manufacturing applications. The inventors of Ambercycle hope to free up space in landfills and encourage more people to recycle their plastic waste, rather than throwing it in the trash.