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Industrial Recycling Center In Atlanta

Recycling is not a concept that is solely applicable to homes, education and small businesses. Industrial recycling solutions limit the amount of material sent to landfills and allow recyclable items to be reused at a lower financial and environmental cost than obtaining new materials. Together with US Waste & Recycling and Recycling Center Atlanta, you can develop a smart industrial waste management and recycling solution to minimize waste near Atlanta and throughout the Southeast.

We Can Recycle Various Types Of Materials, Including:

  • Metal
  • Poly / plastics
  • Pallets / wood
  • Corrugated / cardboard
  • Unique materials

Impacts of Industrial Waste

Industrial waste is characterized as waste products associated with manufacturing and industrial activity. Examples of industrial waste include chemicals, paper products, scrap metal, plastics, wood and organic matter. Due to its nature, industrial waste can have far-reaching environmental effects; if not treated properly, toxic or chemical wastes can pollute natural habitats or contaminate water and other natural resources used by man. Furthermore, plastic recycling and scrap metal that are not properly recycled can be detrimental and life-threatening to local flora and fauna in those habitats. Waste treatment in itself requires space and energy, raising the overall cost of handling industrial byproducts. Furthermore, solid industrial wastes take up space in local landfills, reducing the amount of room available for other waste and limiting the usable lifetime of these areas. Solutions such as source reduction and recycling aim to minimize or even eliminate the impact of industrial waste on your environment and your community. Changing the way wastes are produced and treated creates a more sustainable environment on both a local and global scale, while also minimizing production costs and maximizing the functionality you gain from of every raw material you take in.

The Value of Metal Recycling

Metals are a common waste product associated with manufacturing and other industrial activities. Atlanta scrap metal recycling is an extremely effective way to turn this waste material into a usable resource for production purposes.

  • Many scrap metals are endlessly recyclable, meaning they can be used over and over to create new products without suffering a loss of integrity.
  • Each year, 56 million tons of scrap iron and steel, 2.5 million tons of scrap aluminum, 1.5 million tons of scrap copper, and 800,000 tons of scrap stainless steel are recycled for use in new products.
  • Today, most steel production plants use more than 70% recycled steel during the manufacturing process.
  • Atlanta scrap metal recycling offers significant savings in terms of energy spent and natural resources removed from the Earth. The use of recycled steel and tin reduces the energy requirements of manufacturing new products by 60-74% while recycling one ton of steel eliminates the need to mine 2,500 lbs of iron ore and 1,400 lbs of coal.

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