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Atlanta Recycling Bin Rental Services

Helping You Make Your Business Environment-Friendly

There are many reasons to recycle. As a business with an effective recycling management program in place, you can dramatically reduce your waste tonnage, save money, and do something that benefits the environment. When you recycle, you show your employees, customers, and the public that your company is a responsible member of the local community. Our team at US Waste & Recycling can help you create a customized recycling bin rental & management program that will allow you to meet municipal and state sustainability standards, and even higher standards set by the U.S. Green Building Council.

We Can Recycle Various Types Of Materials, Including:

  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Poly / Plastics / Film
  • Pallets / Wood Crates
  • Electronics
  • Office / mixed paper
  • Corrugated / cardboard
  • Unique materials

Single Stream Recycling Services Atlanta

As the market for recycling continues to evolve, many new options arise for our clients. One highly effective option is known as “single stream” recycling. This practice involves combining multiple materials into one container. These materials are then sorted and processed so they can be reused.

As your Atlanta recycling bin rental service provider, we constantly monitor the market dynamics for products such as plastic, paper, and metals. We then keep you educated about these market changes and how they may impact the return on investment of your recycling practices.

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