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Bulk Packaging Procedure

All lamps must be packaged using specific guidelines to ensure compliance with State and Federal regulations. Below are instructions for correctly packaging lamps for recycling and storage.

Steps 1-4

1. Empty entire contents of boxes of new lamps, placing all cardboard dividers in the cardboard baler (you will not re-use the dividers).Fill boxes completely with used

2. Do not use cardboard dividers. Do not include any partially filled boxes. Save and completely fill a box before packaging for next pick up.

3. Place full boxes on a pallet, five boxes in each row, taping across the top of each row as it is completed.

4. Place fiber divider from pallet of new lamps on top of the third row of boxes.

Steps 5-9

5. Stack boxes six rows high, totaling thirty boxes per pallet. If a small number of boxes remain, and they can be safely secured to the pallet, they may be added.

6. Discard all extra empty boxes and cardboard dividers into the cardboard baler.

7. Tightly stretch wrap entire pallet, ensuring that the bottom row is completely covered. Wrap tightly around entire pallet approximately ten times.

8. Fill out and attach the “Shipping Instructions” page to every pallet, to ensure that all of the lamps for recycling are removed from the store.

9. Clearly mark all new lamps boxes, so they do not ship back with the lamps to be recycled.

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