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Zero Waste to Landfill Initiatives

For many companies, reducing landfill expense is a prime operating consideration—and a goal that offers a significant environmental benefit, as well. US Waste & Recycling is committed to helping its clients reach this goal through our Zero Waste to Landfill Initiatives.

Companies that elect to take part in these sustainable programs commit to reducing as much as possible the amount of waste they send to landfills. Ultimately, the goal of the zero-waste model is to recycle and reuse all waste materials. A reduction of waste means a more efficient operation and reduced costs for your company.

Reduce Your Waste, Lower Your Environmental Impact

US Waste & Recycling has been a forerunner in the race to reduce landfill content to benefit the bottom line of its customers while also fostering clean, healthy communities. Our cutting-edge, highly systematized and coordinated processes enable us to:

  • Recycle more than 80% of our clients’ waste.
  • Return useful materials back to the economy.
  • Save increasingly scarce landfill space.

At this recapture rate, we often save our customers 30% or more on their waste management bills, compared to their former vendors.

We also develop specialized, structured programs that enable forward-thinking and environmentally conscious companies to re-purpose traditionally “non-recyclable” material, such as break-room food waste, alongside standard recyclables.

We’re Ready When You Are

US Waste & Recycling is ready to help your company reach its goal of Zero Waste to Landfill. However, these initiatives require advance planning in order to maximize savings, so we invite you to contact us for more information, today.

A customer can expect to attain Zero Waste Compliance within 24 months considering a few factors to be discussed in our initial review.

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