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Phil Kitchens founded Southern Waste & Recycling (SW&R) in 2001 and has built it into a leading environmental stewardship firm focused on creating and improving sustainability practices. SW&R has helped many clients in different vertical markets from the Southeast and beyond create and execute sustainability initiatives including zero-waste-to-landfill projects. Kitchens and his team bring years of industry experience to each new client including, waste diversion and management, cost management, recovery & reuse methods, technology tracking performance as well ongoing client consulting to maximize future customer results. A large part of his success has been expanding offered services including Waste to Energy and Energy Optimization solutions as well other new and impactful technologies.

Expansion & Direction

As company CEO and President, Kitchens is responsible for company expansion & direction, high level client development and retention, financial sustainability, and the overall growth of the firm. Prior to founding SW&R, Kitchens spent 10 years in the technology industry specializing in international distribution, e-business consulting and solutions sales. While working as a top sales manager with SED International, Kitchens exceeded 20 million in annual sales. Kitchens attended Reinhardt University and University of Georgia.

Kitchens is a member of many industry organizations including the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). As his organization grows and expands he is committed to giving back to both the environment as well the community.

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