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Why Choose Us

Your choice of waste management service is an important business decision that can impact short- and long-term efficiency and wellbeing. At US Waste & Recycling, we are committed to offering you the very best return on your investment in our services by helping you engage is smooth and simple waste management and recycling practices locally in the Atlanta market as well Nationally. We can help you maintain a more beautiful and efficient property, while also reducing landfill waste and maximizing remarketing opportunities for your business.

Commitment to Data Security

As more commerce and record-keeping services are performed electronically, data security has become an essential component of business practices. You already invest time and money in network security-once you’re ready to dispose of electronic equipment, it’s our turn to take responsibility for your private data. Protecting your data and that of your clients is of the utmost importance, especially during electronics waste disposal and recycling. Our professionals are dedicated to ensuring no sensitive data is transferred during the recycling or remarketing process. Each shipment of remarketable electronics is processed first in our onsite facility. We adhere to the strictest security protocols set forth by both state and federal regulations, including the requirements of the United States Department of Defense and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Every piece of equipment we consider remarketable is cleaned, tested, and then electronically wiped to ensure all data has been thoroughly removed and cannot be accessed or recovered before further processing occurs.

Valuable Remarketing Opportunities

Asset remarketing reduces waste by reusing computers, computer accessories, and other electronic equipment that has not yet surpassed its functional lifetime. This process includes both the refurbishment of used computer equipment, as well as the identification and removal of individual components that can be integrated into other systems for reuse. When your old equipment is sold, you receive the profits, maximizing the returns you gain on your initial investment. Our partner company, Renew Computer, has been saving clients thousands of dollars since 1993 with our effective asset remarketing program, which includes the identification, refurbishment, and reuse of equipment such as desktop computers, laptops, servers, and other networking equipment. Renew Computer is a trusted global supplier of IT equipment and computer components, working with clients that include resellers, maintenance companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and more.

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