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Commerical & Plastic Recycling Services In Atlanta

Commercial recycling offers you the opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment. Opting for recycling as part of your overall commercial waste management program can help you save money while demonstrating your dedication to creating a better world around you. US Waste & Recycling offers recycling serving metro Atlanta, Georgia and the Southeast; our services include paper and cardboard recycling, plastic recycling, glass and metal recycling.

We Can Recycle Various Types Of Materials, Including:

  • Mixed office paper
  • Cardboard
  • Electronics / Computers
  • Glass
  • Universal Waste
  • Food Waste / Composting
  • Fryer Oil & Grease Trap

Benefits Of Commercial Plastic Recycling Service Programs

Recycling has become a widespread practice with measurable benefits for the natural environment. As a business owner or operator, implementing a commercial recycling service program on your property offers many advantages to you as well.

  • A recycling service program will have a positive impact on your corporate image. Implementing a recycling program on your commercial property shows that you care about the local, national and global environment enough to make a positive change in the way your business operates. Through this positive sustainability image, recycling service programs can even drive business, tenants or draw employees to your company.
  • Taking part in a recycling service program means there is less trash destined for landfills going into your commercial dumpsters. By adding recycling bins in Atlanta, you may also be able to reduce the size, frequency of service of your dumpsters and save money, dumpster and other trash services, such as scheduled pickups.
  • Recycling has a clear and beneficial impact on the environment on all scales. By adding recycling bins to your commercial property, you are taking a positive step toward the preservation of natural resources and land, as well a reduction in energy usage and global pollution associated with manufacturing processes.

Tips to Enhance Your Commercial Plastic Recycling Efforts

Recycling is a team effort. Not only do your clients and employees rely on you to provide the means for recycling, but you rely on these individuals in return to take part in your recycling program to ensure success. Whether you’re just starting your commercial recycling program or looking for ways to improve its efficiency, US Waste & Recycling can help—please call 770-751-7797 to find out more about waste management services and plastic recycling in Atlanta.

  • Request enough recycling bins to make them easy to access throughout your property. Placing recycling bins near trash cans can improve convenience, Southern Waste & Recycling will ensure your recycling bins are well marked to differentiate them from normal waste receptacles.
  • Post signage in visible locations outlining which materials can be collected for recycling to avoid confusion and contamination, which only increases the amount of work for your waste management service. Including information about recycling when training new employees will ensure recycling habits form early and stick more easily.
  • Consider where you will house metal recycling and electronic recycling for safety between pick-ups for a commercial recycling center.

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