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End-to-End Technology Platform

Smart cities aren’t using technology for technology’s sake alone. Smart cities are powering the future by boosting operational efficiency, driving sustainable economic development, and intelligently managing resources to provide a better quality of life for families and workers. As part of our commitment to pave the way for the smart cities of the future, U.S. Waste & Recycling introduces our end-to-end technology platform with smart container sensors, cloud services, and data analytics. In Atlanta, GA, our company is known for our professional approach and services that exceed industry standards.

Understanding Ultrasonic Sensor Technology

U.S. Waste & Recycling is a proud partner of companies utilizing ultrasonic and camera sensor technology who specialize in the research and development of smart sensors for more efficient waste management practices. The sensors developed by these companies are bolted directly to the inside of each waste receptacle. The sensors run on powerful, internal lithium-ion batteries. Each battery has an expected lifespan of up to 10 years. Data points are transmitted via each sensor’s connection with the 3G cellular network.


Using Sensor Technology

Each ultrasonic container sensor is an unobtrusive feature that automatically measures the fill levels of dumpsters. The information is uploaded to an online dashboard. The data are then automatically analyzed and used to create a dynamic trash pickup schedule. This need-based schedule generates trash pickup routes, which ensures that waste management companies will pick up trash from key locations before the receptacles are in danger of becoming overfilled. Waste receptacles with lower fill levels are left off the route, preventing unnecessary pickups.


Benefits of Sensor Technology

Companies utilizing ultrasonic and camera sensor technology have estimated that municipalities could experience up to 50% indirect cost savings through this smart allocation of resources. There is no disruption to the trash pickup needs of the customers. In fact, sensor technology prevents missed service calls. Additionally, the customers enjoy reduced expenses, as they no longer have to pay a fee for the collection of an empty or mostly empty receptacle.

Unusual Event Alerts

Dumpster sensor technology is capable of multitasking. These sensors don’t just monitor the fill level. They also feature thermometers and motion detectors. This enables unusual event alerts, which may indicate potential problems like dumpster fires or vandalism. Operators can then be dispatched to the location to correct the problem as needed.

U.S. Waste & Recycling is ushering in the future of smart cities with our implementation of sophisticated waste receptacle sensor technology. Questions about our services may be directed to our office in Atlanta, GA.

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