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If you are looking for an efficient and eco-friendly waste management tool for your business, you may want to consider renting a compactor or baler. Compacters are unique pieces of equipment that can help you reduce the size of waste and recycled items before they are sent to the dumpster. A company that offers dumpster rental near Atlanta can help you rent or buy a compactor or baler that is the right size for the needs of your business. To highlight the advantages of renting new waste management equipment, let’s take a look at the benefits that a compactor or baler has to offer you.

Lower Disposal Fees

As the owner or operator of a commercial business, you will need to find ways to save on your operating costs whenever possible. When you start to notice that your monthly disposal fees are higher than you would like, it may be time to use a compactor or baler. By reducing the overall size of your waste or recycling, a compactor can help you cut back on your disposal fees.

More Storage Space

Over the course of a week or month, your business may generate large volumes of solid waste. Before your waste is sent to the recycling or waste management center, it must be stored in a dumpster or another sturdy container. When you use a compactor or baler to compress your waste, you will free up additional storage space for other items that are related to your business.

Increased Recycling Revenue

When you rent a compactor for your business, you will increase your company’s potential to generate revenue through recycling. Once your recycled goods have been compacted and baled, they can easily be sent to the recycling center. Your recycling team will quickly count or weigh your baled recyclables and provide you with cash on the spot. Over time, you may find that recycling your waste, rather than throwing it in the trash, is a profitable strategy for your business.