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A company-wide recycling policy is a smart decision for lots of reasons. For example, depending on the industry you work in and the nature of the products or services you provide, recycling can help reduce your raw material expenses. A recycling policy is also good for employee morale and can even help with your organization’s outward facing brand identity. When you partner with a waste management and recycling company in Atlanta, coming up with a company-wide recycling policy is easy—it’s implementing the policy that can be a struggle. To help get everyone the same page as quickly as possible, here are some tips for training employees on your company’s new recycling policy.

Assign a Recycling Coordinator

To help implement your new recycling policy, assign a dedicated recycling coordinator or appoint recycling “supervisors” in each department. Whoever is in charge, this person (or these people) will be the go-to when anyone has questions or concerns about recycling at work. Recycling supervisors should also be in charge of educating the rest of your workforce regarding best recycling practices.

Hold a Kick-Off Event

Another way to help get your workforce onboard and excited about recycling is to throw a kick-off event where you introduce the new recycling policy, talk about the benefits of recycling, and explain how it will benefit the company and as a result benefit the employees. Make this event fun so your employees leave feeling excited and energetic about recycling instead of just another boring workplace policy they need to follow.

Recognize Employees for Their Efforts

As your employees get used to the new recycling policy, recognize those employees who have bought in and are making efforts to ensure the recycling policy is successful. This will reinforce good recycling habits and encourage other employees to think about ways they can do better at recycling.