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Offices typically generate quite a bit of waste in Atlanta, from paper, plastics, and glass, to food waste and electronics waste. Your local waste management company can help you develop and implement a sustainable waste management program that allows you to reduce, reuse, and recycle throughout the office. Here are some great ways that you can reduce waste at your office.

Reduce Waste Generation

You can quickly reduce the amount of waste that is generated throughout your office by reducing your reliance on paper products. Encourage employees to share information electronically, and resist printing out materials for your use or to convey information. You can also stop using cover sheets on faxes, print documents on both sides of the paper, use the copy machine less often, eliminate unnecessary forms or redesign them to use less paper, and post announcements electronically or on a central bulletin board. You can also use fewer paper products in your kitchens and bathrooms, and instead use washable, reusable products.

Reuse Valuable Materials

You can reuse valuable materials, like paper, throughout the office. Paper only has printing or writing on one side can be reused as scratch paper. File folders, internal envelopes, binders, packaging materials, and other office supplies can be shared and reused throughout the office. You can also donate items that can’t be used again within the office to other charities or organizations so that they won’t end up as waste.

Recycle and Compost When Possible

Your local recycling center can provide you with valuable recycling facts and can inform you as to which items are recyclable and compostable. Most recycling centers can process paper recycling, glass recycling, cardboard recycling, and plastic recycling. Some can also manage scrap metal recycling and electronics recycling. Do not dump or throw away any office item that can be safely recycled. Place recycling bins throughout the office, and arrange for your waste management company to pick up your recycling when they do your trash pickup. Most food waste can also be composted and used for fertilizer. Find out if your office generates food waste that is compostable, and ask your recycling center or waste management company about composting.