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If you’re concerned about the cost of your company’s waste disposal in Atlanta, you should ask your waste management company about tracking your company’s waste. A waste analytics program allows you to determine exactly where and how you are generating the most waste, and thus paying the most for trash pickup, junk removal, and waste disposal. Tracking your company’s waste will also allow you to identify sustainable ways to reduce your waste production, reuse items when possible, and recycle items when possible.

When you know which waste items are recyclable, you can set up a recycling program through your local recycling center. Make sure that you place recycling bins throughout your building, and inform all employees of key recycling facts. The more items that you are recycling, the less will have to be hauled away for waste disposal in a landfill.

Tracking your company’s waste will also enable you to set up a more efficient trash pickup and garbage disposal schedule. You can save money on waste management and waste disposal costs by reducing the number of times you need trash pickup and junk removal each month.