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Businesses like appliance manufacturers, warehouses, and food processing facilities are some examples of producers of industrial waste near Atlanta. Although the amount of industrial waste that is produced is less than that of some other waste sources in the United States, its impact on the environment can be much higher.

Water that is discharged from factories, for example, can pollute rivers and lakes with substances like chemicals, waste, and dyes. This water pollution can kill wildlife and harm the overall ecosystem, and the effects of polluted water have left several plant and animal species endangered. Also, plastics that are disposed of improperly or sent to landfills do not break down and can pollute the environment and pose a hazard to animals.

Today, there are still many factories and facilities that do not practice responsible waste management that involves recycling and proper waste disposal. However, the environmental effects of industrial waste can be reduced when it is handled with the right techniques, and an efficient waste management plan can also help ensure a safe and clean work environment.