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While many products and materials can be recycled, not all are processed in the same way, so it is common for people to be unsure about what they can toss into their recycling bins in Atlanta. When it comes to recycling electronics, also called e-waste, people often have plenty of questions:

Can I recycle my old electronics?

You can recycle electronics. Because it is important to dispose of electronics appropriately, rather than simply throwing them in the trash, you should always recycle your electronics. Companies that accept e-waste materials have the resources and equipment necessary to safely disassemble your discarded electronics. You can also consider selling or donating your old devices if you dislike the idea of them being broken down for parts.

Why shouldn’t I throw my electronics in the garbage?

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t toss your old electronics away with the rest of your trash. First, they may hold personal information that could put your identity at risk. Second, many e-waste materials contain toxic substances, such as mercury, lead, and cadmium, which require particular waste disposal methods to be handled safely. When sent to the landfill, electronics can leak these toxins, which may harm local wildlife or contaminate food and water sources.

Can I put my old electronics in blue recycling bins?

The answer to this question depends on the particular recycling program in which you participate. Contact your recycling service provider to learn more about what can and can’t go in your blue bin. Some companies accept everything from circuit boards and cell phones to flat screens and fax machines.

What is the easiest way to properly dispose of electronics?

If your recycling service does not accept e-waste, contact your local electronics store instead. Most major electronics manufacturers and retailers offer in-store and event recycling programs, and some will even haul away your old televisions and computers. You can refer to the EPA’s website for more information about companies that participate in the Sustainable Materials Management program.