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If you own or manage an industrial plant or factory, your waste management will typically be monitored by the EPA or another federal organization. To make sure that your waste management procedures comply with federal regulations, you should work with a company that specializes in managing industrial waste near Atlanta. Your waste disposal company can help you create onsite solutions and collection plans for all of your solid waste. Let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions that business owners have about their industrial solid waste.

What is the definition of industrial solid waste?

In order to properly manage your industrial solid waste, it is helpful to understand how this category of waste is defined. Typically, industrial solid waste is categorized as any waste product that is in a solid, partially solid, or enclosed gaseous state after it has been generated. In order for waste to become labeled as industrial solid waste, it must be produced during an industrial or manufacturing process.

Are there methods for reducing industrial solid waste?

Many industrial businesses are interested in reducing the amount of solid waste that they create during their daily operations. Solid waste reduction can help to make a company’s manufacturing process more efficient, and waste reduction is also environmentally friendly. To reduce solid waste production, it may be possible to install new machinery that is designed to be more efficient, using fewer resources. Proper facility maintenance can also go a long way towards reducing solid waste in an industrial setting.

How can solid industrial waste be managed?

An experienced industrial waste management company can provide you with disposal and pickup services that will help to streamline your solid industrial waste management. Rather than relying on onsite services for proper containment and disposal, you can hire your waste management professionals to pick up, sort, and dispose of your solid waste using the latest waste management technology. Outsourcing your solid industrial waste management will help you ensure that your waste management plan complies with federal regulations.