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About Us

As a commercial entity, there are times when you will need to discard of materials in a safe and effective way. No matter the industry, every business reaches a point where they need to throw stuff out, whether it be regular garbage and recycling, computer equipment, furniture, or even parts of the building itself during a gut renovation or remodel. At US Waste & Recycling, we provide comprehensive waste management solutions for customers across the country. We’ve become a leader in commercial waste management because we are detail oriented and always work closely with our clients every step of the way to ensure the logistics and details are all in order. We know that, during transition periods, your business is under pressure and the last thing you want to think about is how to safely and effectively remove old objects from your premises. No matter the situation, US Waste & Recycling has the tools, resources, and experience to get the job done right, the first time.

Industrial And Commercial Grade Waste Management

Are you looking for professional waste management services for your commercial site? Does your business want to become more eco friendly but, beyond cardboard recycling, you haven’t made much headway? If so, it’s time to enlist the Atlanta-based waste management services of US Waste & Recycling! While our main office is in Atlanta, we proudly serve the entire country and have recently expanded our reach to better serve our customers. US Waste & Recycling provides our commercial customers with sustainable, efficient, and dedicated waste and recycling services customized to their specific needs, and our decade of experience means we have thr resources to declutter and clean up your commercial site.

Our national waste management services include:

Our National Waste Management Services Include

Waste Management
Recycling Services
Sensory Technology

Exceeding Industry Standards To Better Serve Your Business

Our decade of providing waste management solutions to a wide range of commercial, industrial, and real estate locations across the country means we have a proven track record of success. We provide a multi-step process for each of our clients to ensure logistical success. Our innovative approach includes initial consultations, unique cleanup regimens tailored to your business’s needs, and customized reporting. We always aim to go above and beyond our competition to make your business leaner, cleaner, and more efficient with regard to waste management. One of our biggest initiatives is partnering with commercial entities to help achieve important sustainability standards for their waste management solutions. We aim to help dispose of your company’s waste, in addition to helping the planet. Whether you have a single site or multiple locations, or your operations are local or national, you can trust our expert team to successfully manage your complex commercial waste management requirements.

Sustainable, Cost-Effective Waste Management Solutions

At US Waste & Recycling, we are committed to:

  • Providing our professional services in a transparent and seamless manner
  • Executing crucial day-to-day requirements
  • Managing costs and reducing overall expenses
  • Improving site logistics
  • Incorporating principles of sustainability whenever possible
  • Informing clients with analytic data and reporting
  • Providing simplified, consolidated invoicing
  • Taking a hands-on approach to daily service requests
  • Following strict requirements for the execution of service
  • Managing the entire program successfully

Our toll-free, 24-hour service request line is the best way to begin the process of working with US Waste & Recycling. Contact us today at 770-751-7797 to speak with a member of our team. We will give you a free estimate and more information on our professional waste management solutions.

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