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Commercial waste is simply the waste and trash generated by a business or company. Commercial waste does not include household, agricultural, or industrial waste. In order to effectively and properly dispose of commercial waste, your company must employ the services of an experienced waste management company in Atlanta that can provide you with the tools and components necessary for safe garbage disposal and junk removal. Here are some of the key elements of commercial waste management.

Clearly Marked Waste Receptacles
Your waste management company will be able to provide you with the tools you need to manage yourcompany’s waste, from food to paper and electronics. You will need enough trash cans inside and outside of the building to make it very easy for employees and guests to dispose of trash. You may also want to participate in a commercial recycling program so that you can reduce, reuse, and recycle the majority of the waste that is generated in your day-to-day operations. Ask your waste management company if they provide recycling bins and if they have access to a recycling center. Finally, you will want to take advantage of dumpster rentals for your commercial property. Dumpsters are used to collect the trash and waste from trashcans until your scheduled trash pickup day.

Waste Analytics
A great waste management company will provide waste analytic services. The company should provide you with data pertaining to the amount of waste your company produces during a fixed timeline. This can help the company implement procedures to cut back on the amount of trash and waste that is generated. This service will also help you create an effective trash pickup schedule with your waste disposal company.

Zero Waste Initiatives 
The data that you obtain from your waste analytics service can help you create a zero waste model that will make your company more eco-friendly. Your waste management company can help you create a program that includes recycling and reusing materials to reduce waste that would otherwise take up space in a landfill.