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As a commercial property manager, it’s very important for you to investigate opportunities to reduce, reuse, and recycle in Atlanta. Commercial properties produce a lot of waste, and typically pay quite a bit for waste disposal. These waste reduction tips will help you save money on waste disposal, reduce waste, and implement a commercial recycling program.

Reduce Waste Disposal Costs

The best way to reduce your company’s waste disposal costs is by identifying and eliminating inefficient waste generating processes within the company. Encourage employees to email documents back and forth for review, rather than printing them out. Instead of using disposable plates, cups, and cutlery in your kitchen or break room, provide employees with reusable items, or ask employees to bring their own dishes into the office. Use washable hand towels or dish cloths in the bathrooms and kitchen instead of paper towels. When purchasing for the company, never buy more than what you absolutely know you’ll need, especially when purchasing perishable or seasonal items.

Reuse Valuable Materials

Train your employees to be on the lookout for ways to reuse valuable materials whenever possible. If they frequently need to print out draft copies of documents, or if they print something by mistake, they can save the paper for reuse. This paper can be made available to the entire office for use as communal scratch paper or note taking paper. It can even be fed back into the printer upside down, so that another document draft can be printed on the other side. Use rechargeable batteries throughout the office, and reuse envelopes and packaging material whenever possible.

Recycle Usable Goods

Ask your local recycling center for information about the office materials they are capable of recycling. Most recycling centers can recycle plastics, film, wood, electronics, paper, and cardboard. Set up recycling bins around the office, and make sure employees understand basic recycling facts, and know which materials can and can’t be recycled. You should also try to buy recyclable goods or recycled goods whenever possible.