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Like any other residential community, senior living communities must take measures to ensure that their waste management needs are met. That said, senior communities have unique considerations that can only be addressed by a select few waste management companies in Atlanta. If you are in charge of handling waste disposal for a senior living community, think about the following factors when settling on a waste management company.

Garbage and Recycling

Dealing with day-to-day garbage is the most obvious waste management consideration for any community. Working with garbage specialists to estimate your community’s average garbage output is an important first step in determining how much dumpster space you need. Don’t forget the importance of recycling—there’s a good change that your staff and residents are throwing away items that can be recycled. Having a waste management company help with recycling can keep recyclable and compostable materials out of landfills.

Biological Waste

Senior living communities tend to have different medical needs than other communities. Some senior communities have a nursing staff to make sure seniors receive the healthcare they need to stay happy and healthy. Administering healthcare in such an environment often produces biological waste that can’t be disposed of in a normal manner. As the manager of a senior living community, you’ll need to find a company that’s qualified and equipped to handle certain types of biological waste.

Medication Disposal

Senior living communities are often targeted by criminals looking for prescription drugs. Not only can this put the members of your senior living community at risk, but it’s harmful to the surrounding community as well. It’s definitely a good idea to work with a waste management company in Atlanta to ensure that your dumpsters are properly secured, or else settle on an alternative method of disposing of medications. Enacting secure waste management practices can keep would-be criminals out of your community and your residents safe.