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When you reduce, reuse, and recycle in Atlanta, you can be proud to be doing your part to reduce global warming, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and protect the environment. Recycling at home is easy, and you can consult with your local recycling center for recycling facts and tips. Your recycling center should provide you with enough recycling bins to handle your weekly recycling, and you should be aware of your recycling and trash pickup location, date, and time.

Before placing materials in recycling bins, be aware of what materials are recyclable. Most recycling centers can recycle plastic, wood, glass, metal, cardboard, and paper. Electronics, appliances, batteries, and hazardous household waste may have a regularly scheduled pick up location and date that differs from your standard weekly recycling. You should also educate yourself on how to reduce or reuse certain common household waste items.

For instance, many food items can be composted and used to fertilize plants, flowers, and trees. Animal shelters, homeless shelters, and other charitable organizations can reuse clothing, towels, and bedding. If you’re unsure which materials can be reduced, reused, and recycled, you can contact your local recycling center or waste management company.