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Apartment buildings generate a lot of trash, and without an effective recycling program in place, much of that trash ends up in dumps and landfills. A recycling program allows a building owner and its residents to make a positive impact on the environment by reducing unnecessary waste, and reusing or recycling valuable materials. If you own an apartment building, keep reading for some great tips for establishing a program for recycling in Atlanta.

Find a Local Recycling Center
Your local recycling center can help you develop the best recycling program for your building’s needs. A waste management company that provides recycling services can help you analyze the building’s waste production to determine what materials can be reused, and recycled. They will also help you develop a waste reduction plan that will save you money on waste management costs. The company will provide dumpster rentals, recycling bins, trash pickup and waste disposal services, and can recycle materials at their recycling center.

Set Up Recycling Bins 
When you get recycling bins from your recycling center, they should be placed in prominent, easily accessible areas inside or outside of the building. You can even provide residents with small recycling bins for their apartments, to make it easier for them to participate in the recycling program. The recycling bins should be clearly marked, so that residents and visitors understand what materials can be placed inside.

Provide Your Residents With Necessary Recycling Facts 
Your recycling program will be ineffective if residents aren’t aware of it, or don’t understand how it works. Provide residents with recycling facts that are clear, and that detail instructions about what materials can be reused and recycled. Most recycling centers handle scrap metal, electronics, paper, plastic, wood, and cardboard recycling. Your recycling center may be able to provide pamphlets or other materials that contain necessary recycling facts and detail their recycling procedures.