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If your company or household is implementing a recycling or waste management program, you may be interested in dumpster rentals near Atlanta. A dumpster allows you to collect large pieces of trash, or commercial or industrial waste, until it is picked up by your trash company or recycling center. Here is a simple guide to choosing the right rental dumpster for your needs.

Consider the Amount and Type of Waste
An employee of a waste management company can help you calculate how much waste your household or company will dispose of monthly. Dumpsters come in many different types and sizes, and you will need to have a good understanding of your waste disposal needs before choosing a dumpster. You’ll also need to consider the type of waste that your household or company will be generating. Waste is classified into various categories, including household waste, commercial waste, industrial waste, construction waste, and hazardous waste. These cannot be disposed of in the same dumpster, so you’ll need a separate dumpster rental for each type of waste.

Determine if You Plan on Recycling
Many recycling centers require that you sort your recyclables by material. Recyclable materials can include glass, metals, cardboard, paper, plastics, wood, film, and electronics. Talk with a representative at your waste management company or recycling center to determine how they require you to sort your recyclables prior to pickup. You may need to rent a dumpster or recycling bin for each type of recyclable.

Investigate Various Dumpster Rental Types and Sizes
Your waste management company provides dumpster rentals in many different types and sizes. Front load and rear load dumpsters are typically available in sizes that range from two cubic yards to eight cubic yards. Roll off dumpsters are the largest capacity of dumpster rentals that are available. They can be as large as 40 cubic yards. Roll off dumpsters are ideal for households or businesses that are undergoing restoration or remodeling projects, or for large businesses that produce a lot of commercial or industrial waste.