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Recycling, waste reduction, and sustainability are all elements of effective waste management in Atlanta for schools and academic institutions. Most schools must stick to a strict budget, and have a fixed amount that they can spend on waste disposal services. Here is a look at waste management programs for schools that can significantly reduce waste disposal costs.

Implement an Effective Recycling Program

The best way to reduce waste and lower waste disposal costs is by implementing a comprehensive recycling program. Your local recycling center can recycle paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, wood, electronics, scrap metal, and even food waste. You should work closely with each department in your school to develop a convenient and accessible recycling program. Recycling bins should be strategically placed in visible areas around the school, particularly in eating areas, bathrooms, cafeterias, and common outdoor spaces.

Hold Students and Staff Responsible for Maintaining Waste Reduction

Students and staff should be responsible for helping the school maintain waste reduction. You should provide students and staff with recycling facts, waste reduction strategies, and the tools to analyze and reduce their own waste production. They should be educated on how to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials to lower their own environmental impact. You should encourage students and faculty to evaluate the materials in their recycling bins and wastebaskets, and think about ways that they can reuse and recycle more materials than they throw away. Keep everyone up to date on waste analytics so that they are aware of the progress that is being made.

Consult with a Waste Management Company About Sustainable Initiatives

A waste management company can help you develop and implement sustainable waste reduction and recycling initiatives. Using waste analytics, you can determine which departments generate the most waste, and how this waste can be reduced. You can also determine which days of the week will be most effective for trash pickup and recycling pickup. This will reduce the amount of waste generated, and reduce your overall waste disposal costs.