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People handle recycling serving Atlanta in different ways; some might simply separate their aluminum cans and plastic bottles out from their regular trash, while others might rent a dumpster and take a more hands-on approach. Some even purchase their own dumpsters, balers, and compactors so that they can do as much as they can to protect the environment. Purchasing and renting these types of equipment for the purpose of recycling is noble, but it is important that you know what to do if any of them should malfunction. If you have a compactor, baler, or dumpster of your own, read on to learn about our equipment repair services.

While having a baler, dumpster, or compactor of your own can allow you to minimize your environmental impact, it can only afford you this benefit if it works properly. If you happen to run into any trouble, you can always call Southern Waste & Recycling and inquire about our equipment repair services. We are happy to repair your faulty compactors and bailers, and we can also provide equipment modifications so that your containers are more effective. We even offer preventative maintenance services so that you can keep your equipment in top shape.