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While all recycling serving Atlanta aims to protect the environment by keeping reusable materials out of landfills, not all materials are recycled the same way. When it comes to metal recycling, the steps might even vary between different types of metals. Between aluminum, scrap and precious metals, and steel, metal recycling works in a range of different ways. Feel free to continue on if you would like a closer look at how metal recycling works.

Soda Cans and Other Aluminum

Metal retains its durability each time it is melted down, making it a great candidate for recycling. While there are many different types of metals, aluminum is among the most popular when it comes to recycled products. A metal can might even be recycled into a new can in less than two months. Soda and beer are both popular products in the United States; these products make their way off the shelves almost as soon as they are stocked. This contributes to a great deal of aluminum waste, which many households have done an excellent job of recycling in the past. Families often set aside a specific recycling bin for aluminum cans. They then take this bin to the curb on recycling day so that their cans can be retrieved and recycled.

Scrap and Precious Metals

While an aluminum can may be your prototypical idea of a recyclable product, there are other metal products that can be even more valuable to recycle. Many homeowners who throw out old appliances do not realize that they can actually make money off of these broken machines. This process is not unlike selling a car for parts. Precious metals like gold and silver can also be melted down and reused, and you can fetch a pretty penny in doing so.

Steel Recycling

One of the many benefits of recycling is the ability to create a new product without expending as much energy. This is particularly apparent in the case of steel recycling. You might bring your used steel to a collection center, a supermarket, or simply to the end of your driveway.