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Data Destruction & Asset Management Services

If you are managing a single or multi-facility operation, US Waste & Recycling provides Electronic & Universal Recycling, as well Data Destruction & Asset Management Services.

US Waste & Recycling gives the enterprise client a secure, reliable, and compliant solution for their IT asset disposition challenges. Our partnership & leadership combines a rare blend of industry veterans from both the data protection industry and the refurbished computer market. What does this mean for you? It means that we follow best practices that keep any sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. It also means that we can identify the maximum value of any technology that can be refurbished. The end result for your company is a safe and inexpensive solution for your networking and electronic recovery initiatives. SW&R can offer you a complete end to end solution from buying a new system, to the purchase of a replacement part, to the disposition of outdated technology. All the way, we do it professionally, responsibly, and perhaps most importantly, we simplify the process, because the last thing you need is one more set of complex issues to project manage.

Learn More About Universal Waste Recycling

US Waste & Recycling provides Data Destruction services to ensure that your historical and proprietary data is destroyed and process documented.

US Waste & Recycling provides a cost-effective solution to recycle your fluorescent lights, batteries as well discarded thermostats through our Universal Recycling Program.

US Waste & Recycling is your choice for Comprehensive Recycling Services!

Universal waste, or u-waste, is waste designated as hazardous by the Environmental Protection Agency. This waste may be generated by individuals, households, public and state facilities, and commercial establishments, and represents a significant percentage of the waste generated throughout the country. Because the disposal and recycling of universal waste are stringently regulated for safety and sustainability, it’s essential to ensure your establishment remains in compliance with current requirements and legislature. US Waste & Recycling offers universal waste recycling services to assist you with commercial and industrial recycling efforts for an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution to universal waste recycling compliance near Atlanta.

The Importance of Universal Waste Recycling

Universal waste recycling protects both the natural environment and the local population from the improper disposal of hazardous waste materials. Recycling items such as fluorescent bulbs, batteries, and electronic equipment eliminate toxic exposure events while reducing the cost of manufacturing new materials. Fluorescent lamps and many other waste products contain mercury, which is toxic to animals and humans. Mercury exposure has been associated with effects that include autism, birth defects, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, and cancer. Even in non-lethal concentrations, mercury can accumulate inside animals and vegetation that may later be consumed by humans, leading to mercury poisoning and its associated effects. Recycling universal waste materials that contain mercury and other toxic substances keeps them out of landfills and other disposal sites, where they have the potential to seep into the environment over time. The reuse of mercury and other materials through recycling reduces the need to obtain new raw materials, lowering the environmental and financial costs of future manufacturing and production. These savings are passed along to you when you purchase new materials, components, electronics, and appliances.

Get In Touch With Us

As a universal waste generator, it is your responsibility to know, understand, and follow all universal waste disposal and recycling regulations. You can learn more about US Waste & Recycling’s commercial and industrial waste solutions, including universal waste recycling in the Atlanta area, by calling our local number at 770-751-7797 locally or our toll-free number at (888) 906-6540 for additional details and a free quote.

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